Lanzarote is such a fabulous, unspoilt island, that it is a UNESCO biosphere. It is an island of contrasts from green palm-filled valleys to vistas of surreal volcanoes dominating the landscape.

Just off the north coast of Lanzarote lies the desert island of La Graciosa which can be visited by ferry. La Graciosa, with its few inhabitants, was the inspiration of Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'. It was a popular haunt of pirates and it is said that somewhere on the island there is buried treasure! If you visit the island you can hire mountain bikes and find deserted sandy beaches.

Lanzarote was home to the world famous artist and sculptor, C├ęsar Manrique. Using his powerful influence and passion for the natural beauty of the island, he stopped it being over developed, so Lanzarote, as we see it today, is his legacy and that which makes Lanzarote so unique. 


To fully appreciate Lanzarote, car hire is highly recommended. There is so much to see, explore and beaches to visit.

You can visit Lanzarote any time of the year. The cooling trade winds keep it from getting too hot in the summer and yet, being so far south, you can bask in warm sunshine even in January. Rain is a rare event and only falls on a few days each year. The weather is so reliable and pleasant that the island is used as a base for world famous althletes to train and recuperate in the winter months.

Although the island is very dry there is a thriving wine industry in Lanzarote, in the area known as La Geria. Here vines are grown relying on condensation which collects at night and is then absorbed by porous volcanic pebbles known as 'Picon'.

This is the only place in the world where this type of agriculture exists. You can visit the area and the vineyards (Bodegas) and sample the world class wine.